The Loves Of My Life

For 30 years I’ve failed to find ‘the one’ – or they’ve failed to find me. Almost every TV show, film, song and piece of marketing tells me that this is what I need to be looking for. I’m led to believe that to find this one person will be the ultimate, and highest experience of love, fulfilment and joy. I’m told that when do finally find the one love of my life I will achieve full relational contentment. Trouble is, I hate feeling like an under-achiever so I’m left with no choice but to throw a into these disneyfied works. Here it is: what if we’re allowed more than one love of our life at any one time?! … More The Loves Of My Life

The Sound of Silence

After not having posted anything since last August, I am ironically breaking the silence with a short and sweet post to share that tomorrow I am going on a 30 day silent retreat! The retreat will take place in Switzerland and will follow the Ignatian Exercises. If you would like to find out more about … More The Sound of Silence

Culture Shock

I’ve now been living in the Community of St Anselm for four weeks. At times it feels like it’s been a lot longer and at other times I’m aware that we are only at the very beginning of our journeys – both individually and as a community. In this article I want to share some features of our life at Lambeth. … More Culture Shock