Hello! Thank you for visiting my blog. Not that you asked, but just incase you’re interested, here’s some information about me:


I was born and raised in Yorkshire, grew up in York with my parents and two younger sisters and at 18 moved to Canterbury to do a drama and theatre studies degree. Whilst completing my Masters Degree (and after realising that I was neither talented or bothered enough to make it as world-famous actor/director) , I co-founded and for 8 years ran Bright Shadow, an arts charity that works with people with dementia. I have also been a freelance community arts practitioner and have worked for a domestic violence charity along the way where, amongst other things, I write their blog (an interesting life is a varied one, right?!).

In spring 2017 I decided to temporarily put the career to one side and bring into focus my Christian faith by joining the Community of St Anselm at Lambeth Palace. So, in September 2017 I shall be moving there to spend a year experiencing monastic life which will involve living in community with a diverse group of other christians,  prayer, silence, bible study and service to the poor. Hopefully there’ll be a few laughs too (and there are definitely robes).

This blog.

I’ve been mulling over the idea of having a blog for a while now, feeling torn between being a major extrovert who loves to air her opinion and cringing at the implied assumption that anyone wants to hear my opinion just because I’ve posted it online. Obviously, the extrovert impulses won, but the part of me that isn’t as egotistical as the rest got to decide the name of the site.

ANYWAY, I wanted to start a blog because writing a blog post is a good way to get thoughts on paper and see what others think too. I’m motivated by giving voice to some ideas, situations, topics and challenges that don’t often get talked about.

Comments, debates and different opinions always welcome – trolls are not.

What will you be writing about?

Posts will probably fall into one of the following categories:

Life, Oh Life. My friends and I have been known many a time to punctuate a conversation by quoting these sage words from Des’ree. Life can be beautiful, challenging, confusing and exhilarating all at the same time. This category is dedicated to posts that my own experiences of life have inspired, that hopefully lots of people can relate to.

Faith Focused. Most of my posts will be inescapably be influenced by my faith, but some posts will be more so than others, and here is where you will find them.

Monking Around. Updates, reflections and musings from monastic life at the Community of St Anselm.

I Cannot Be What I Cannot See. I first heard Caitlin Moran using this phrase, which communicates the idea that if certain groups of people (eg. women) do not see people like them doing certain things (like being leaders in their field) then the will not aspire to it. So this category will be all about showcasing amazing women doing amazing things.