The Same, But Different: Reflection 1 from the monastery.

My friends and I love playing the game Jungle Speed. In essence it’s a game of snap, just that the cards are a bit more complex and when you ‘snap’ with someone, you race to be the first to grab a piece of wood from the middle of the table. The tricky thing about Jungle Speed is that there are lots of cards that look the same, but have a very tiny difference, and there are penalties for making a grab for the piece of wood in error. When someone does this, my friends and I have a habit of (rather annoyingly) pointing out how the cards are “The same, but different” in a very patronising tone. We think we’re funny (unless of course we are on the receiving end). But since someone pointed out that we have this game in our common room, I’ve been thinking about how this game summarises my first few days at the Community of St Anselm. … More The Same, But Different: Reflection 1 from the monastery.

Moving to the Monastery

I wasn’t looking to leave Canterbury. I enjoy my life here. I love my friends, my community, my church and my professional networks. But life sometimes springs surprises on us and I am now one month away from moving to Lambeth Palace to join a monastic community for 10 months. I love telling the story about how this came about because for me it is evidence of someone with ways that are higher than mine and it also shows me that our life’s status quo can be interrupted in timely, positive and surprising ways. … More Moving to the Monastery

The Ladder Lies: how to walk away from your baby

I’ve recently resigned from being the CEO of a charity I co-founded over 8 years ago. After having emailed round to our colleagues and contacts in the sector, my fear was that people would assume that the reason for my departure was that the charity was a sinking ship, that there had been an internal fall-out or some other reputation-smearing reason (none of which are the case)! However, having bumped into a couple of these people since, it seems the main reaction was ‘How can she give up her baby? How can she walk away from something that she started?’. The answer is, both very painfully and very easily. … More The Ladder Lies: how to walk away from your baby

The Loves Of My Life

For 30 years I’ve failed to find ‘the one’ – or they’ve failed to find me. Almost every TV show, film, song and piece of marketing tells me that this is what I need to be looking for. I’m led to believe that to find this one person will be the ultimate, and highest experience of love, fulfilment and joy. I’m told that when do finally find the one love of my life I will achieve full relational contentment. Trouble is, I hate feeling like an under-achiever so I’m left with no choice but to throw a into these disneyfied works. Here it is: what if we’re allowed more than one love of our life at any one time?! … More The Loves Of My Life

The right questions to ask about the Gender pay gap

There have been a number of stories over the last year about the gender pay gap. Whether it’s in hollywood, business or the BBC, there is a universal disparity between men and women’s wage packets. Better people than I have debated, discussed and dissected this issue at length, so I don’t want to go over … More The right questions to ask about the Gender pay gap