Talks & Articles

Just incase there isn’t enough of my words on this website for you, here is where you can find more:

Blogs for SATEDA (Support & Action to End Domestic Abuse)

Are you Wearing the Right Lenses? A discussion of the recent general election and whether gender had a role to play during the campaign.

Wolves in Sheeps Clothing Revealing some secretly dangerous song lyrics.

Why doesn’t she just leave? Why victims of domestic abuse stay in their abusive relationships.

Talks at The City Church

From the Belly of the Whale‘, a talk from Jonah about God being with us in the toughest of places (even the belly of a whale).

‘The coming of the Holy Spirit’, a talk from Acts about the coming of the Holy Spirit at Pentecost and how it changed the world forever.

‘Everybody’s searching for a hero’, a talk from Acts about finding the right hero to worship.

Articles & papers

Dementia and Spirituality‘ a paper written for Bright Shadow presenting a biblical case for faith in Jesus being just as available for people with dementia as anyone else. This article was written in support of Bright Shadow’s dementia inclusive churches work.

A number of articles about caring for people with dementia through creative activities, or through churches have been published by the Nursing and Residential Care magazine.